The Third Degree is a fast-paced quiz game supporting up to 4 players playing online. Players have 90 seconds to select question tiles and correctly answer as many quiz questions as possible, accumulate the most points and win the round.
before and after
Informational clarity was a priority in the redesign of The Third Degree. The layout, UI and art direction was reworked, new text to improve instruction throughout the experience, gameplay was changed, question tiles were completely reconstructed visually and mechanically and much more.
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Lobby (before)
Lobby (before)
Lobby (after)
Lobby (after)
In-game (before)
In-game (before)
In-game (after)
In-game (after)
question tile reconstruction
I call this a reconstruction because of the physicality of wanted to bring to the tiles in their art direction and usability in-game. The new tile also had to accommodate a lot of game information and accommodate it clearly and cleanly.
(Left) The colour and 3D impression indicates the availability of the tile.
(Right) The colour of the tile indicates the player ownership. 
Additionally, the iconography in the centre of the tile changes to indicate when it is occupied.
(Left) Depending on whether the relative player answered the question correctly or incorrectly. The tile will either lock in their colour and a tick icon, or return to its previous state
(Right) The centre piece of the tile would flip to reveal the question.

gameplay changes
The game board of The Third Degree became more of a puzzle game to unlock the higher value question tiles. This was created to counteract players that were rushing high value tiles and provide a more engaging and strategic game experience.
(Left) 2 point question tiles are made available upon correctly answering one adjacent tile.
(Right) 3 point question tiles are made available upon correctly answering all adjacent tiles. 
The blue segmented ring on the tile reflects how close the player is to unlocking that tile. 

unlimited topics
Question tiles in The Third degree are arranged underneath a column title, this corresponds to the topic the questions are drawn from. Previously the number of tiles on the screen were all that was available during a given game. This didn't make sense for a time based game and often left players completing all the questions before the timer ran out.

Upon correctly answering all question tiles in a given column, a new topic column is brought in!
New columns also interact with the game board and may affect the availability of adjacent tiles.
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