Get in your home (2018)
A ridiculous physics game where you play as inanimate objects trying to get home in their small worlds. Play as a plug! Play as a toilet roll! Play as a book! Get back to your home.
Cluster Stuck (2018)
A two player game of tag. Move around and tag as many creatures as you can before the other player does!
Battle of the seas (2017)
The game takes you on a journey where you accompany a pack of ambitious vikings travelling across the treacherous North Sea. You must keep their boat afloat as they battle enormous waves, mythological sea creatures and other obstacles along the way.

Note: The boat is controlled by mobile device accelerometer and the player taps on obstacles and creatures to clear the boat's path.

Amy (2016)
Follow the story of Amy as she tries to summon her mother back from the dead. Explore creepy environments in search of your mother, while being immersed in an atmospheric soundtrack.
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